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The Mushroom Garden

Oriental Mushroom-based Seasonings – all made in the heart of Snowdonia!

Gluten-free and suitable for non-meat and dairy diets, SALSA-Approved The Mushroom Garden is growing very prettily indeed

There really is something magical about mushrooms.  And no-one knows this better than husband and wife team Cynan & June Jones and family.  Situated in the heart of Snowdonia National Park, the Mushroom Garden (Yr Ardd Fadarch) was established 15 years ago through an EU-funded diversification initiative to establish an exotic and specialist mushroom farm in this part of North Wales.  When  the project term came to an end, the entrepreneurial Jones family took on the financial side themselves to continue growing mushrooms commercially, and with an eye to developing new products based on their mushrooms.

Drawing on Snowdonia’s clean air and pure water, this small family-owned business cultivates organically grown shiitake, oyster (and chestnut) mushrooms in special temperature-controlled environments. Their range of oriental mushroom-based seasonings derived from the powders of their nutritious shiitake and oyster mushrooms include a 100% fine Shiitake powder and a uniquely formulated Umami seasoning, a blend of shiitake powder, Halen Môn (Anglesey) sea salt and Seagreens® seaweed powder for a depth of flavour and tang.  Also on their shelves is HerbShroom, a blend of creamy-flavoured Oyster mushroom powder with classic herbs to provide all the goodness and flavour of mushrooms without the texture, which some do not care for. There is also a Classic Mexican seasoning with a mushroom twist for dishes with a real pep.   ‘Our seasonings are very versatile and can be added to any dish or sauce during the cooking process; or use them as a rub or sprinkle.  They are especially good with risotto or Bolognese – in fact they can be used to add flavour to almost any dish which is often a challenge when cooking for those with special dietary requirements.’

This year The Mushroom Garden achieved Organic Status for their entire range - as well as their first SALSA certification - achievements they are very proud of.   ‘SALSA instils good practice into our processes and opens the door to many new trade customers who value what SALSA does for small and medium specialist food producers like us,’ comments Cynan.

All their products are certified Organic, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the weight-conscious and those requiring a gluten-free diet.  Cynan is also introducing three new lines in 2017:  Croutons seasoned with their Umami and HerbShroom, and a shiitake-infused rapeseed oil, working with local producer Blodyn Aur (Golden Flower).  Currently, The Mushroom Garden supply a hugely impressive list of food service companies, retail outlets and ingredient wholesalers including Fortnum & Mason, Fenwick’s, Selfridges and the Japan Centre to name just a few.

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